The Future of SEO:
Why Content Clusters Matter More Than Keywords

with Guillaume Delloue,

HubSpot Principal Channel Consultant


In 2018, growing organic traffic is hard


Not only has SEO become more complex, but the quality of the content needs to be higher than ever. As a result, focusing solely on exact keywords is out, and addressing the topic visitors are searching for is in. This session will dive deep into how search has changed, and how you can leverage HubSpots Content Cluster Methodology to increase your Organic traffic.


About Guillaume

Guillaume is HubSpot's Principal Channel Consultant, responsible for helping guide the strategy for Groove's clients as well as dozens of other agencies.  Guillaume is an avid runner and enjoys traveling in his spare time.



We are excited to kick-off the 2018 HUGs with appetizers from On the Border.
  • Wednesday, March 28, 4-6 PM
  • Groove, 415 S Central
  • Beer & Wine
  • This event is free to attend. 

You do not have to be a HubSpot user to attend, but you do have to register. So sign up now...for you and a friend!